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Richard Balet
Written by Richard Balet

Use the pinch tool to straighten your fabric

Fabrics can be warped and deformed. Even in a flat bed scanner.  The pinch tool will help you get rid of warps and straighten your fabric,

When a fabric is not properly straighten you will most likely have issues in the tiling. Every minor warp will be repeated many times in every direction creating an obvious pattern in most cases. To avoid this, the fabric can help you make the fabric straight and flat.

Before you use the pinch tool, here some considerations you may want to take into account:

  • The pinch tool works in a similar way to the warp tool but in a more localized way.
  • Same as the warp tool, the pinch tool will deform your image so image loss can happen in the affected area
  • Try to use the biggest area possible, that meets your needs.
  • Pinch tool should not be used for major deformations as image loss can affect the maps
  • Pinch tool can be used on its own, but its best combined with guides. Guides will help you see where your fabric needs to be straighten.

How to use the pinch tool:

First of all, choose an image that has slight miss-aligned parts in a localised area.

Then, place a few guidelines around the image to detect warped parts.

Once the warped area is localised, select the “Pinch icon” in the tiling toolbar and click on the area that you want to modify.

When selecting an area, the pinch tool will display a circle around the area, this circle shows what is the part of the image that can be affected by pinching in that area. To modify the size of the affected are by your "pinching", move the "Size" slider on the tools settings.

So if there is a part of the image that you do not wan to be edited, make sure is not in the afecte area.

As well as controlling the afectes area, the "smoothness " slider in the pinch tool allows you to adjust the sensitivity, this means how “stiff or smooth” you want the movement to be transmitted within the pinched area. The smoother it is, changes will be more sutil but also less localized within the area.

When pinching an image, you need to select the biggest area possible that fits your criteria. This will minimise the deformation in the image and will make it less obvious.
Click on the "control point and use the keyboard to make small corrections on the image and move pixel by pixel.

You can make as many changes as you want with the pinch tool, and click in as many different parts of the image as you need.

Continue using the pinch tool in all areas where you think the image needs it.