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Kenji Takabayashi
Written by Kenji Takabayashi

Why and how to use the Warp tool

The Warp tool in Textura allows you to align tiled materials

Why and how to use the Warp Tool:

Use cases

  • Sometimes a scan is “mostly” perfect but has a defect or two (curved, misaligned)
  • This tool is especially useful for aligning plaids and stripes
  • In the event a portion of the fabric is askew you may use the warp tool to straighten the material out. 

Menu elements & How to:

  • The Warp tool (Circled, see below)

  • Select an area
  • Multi selection of points (slider bar increase/decrease) See image, below:

  • You may slide fully to the right for a 6x6 (36 editable node grid)
  • By selecting the <control> key (and left mouse button) you can select multiple nodes to edit.
  • Helpful tip: Each of these are editable, but we suggest aligning via scan first - a successful scan will always shorten your textura creation cycle

What to look out for:

  • The warp tool allows you to excessively edit your files and you may damage them. (This could potentially be a creative tool!)

Please see the video below for a full walkthrough of the Warp feature