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Richard Balet
Written by Richard Balet

Tiling Assistant

SEDDI Textura's Tiling Assistant helps create seamless repetitions in your digital fabrics.

Tiling Assistant is one of the more powerful tiling tools in SEDDI Textura.

Tiling Assistant helps you to automatically generate a seamless transition between repetitions when you need to repeat your scanned maps over larger surfaces. This eliminates any obvious repetition, and creates a more realistic result. To see the Tiling Assistant in action, check out our YouTube video.

Before using the Tiling Assistant, there are some things to keep in mind. Firstly, it works best when:

  1. The map has been cropped and aligned.

  2. When the gradient has been removed.

  3. The Tiling Assistant will not function properly if you have used the Offset Tool and the image partitions are still visible.

Once the image has been cropped, aligned, and the gradient corrected, you are ready to get the best results from Tiling Assistant.

The example below shows how the cropped area contains more than the minimum repeat, and the preview contains a larger image than we need to define the repeat area.

To use Tiling Assistant, select the Tiling Assistant icon in the Tiling Tool menu.

A preview window will then appear, and ask you to select the minimum repeat area in the image.

The Tiling Assistant will only use the selected area to create a seamless repeat, but it will use part of the non-selected area to create the seam.

IMPORTANT: For the Tiling Assistant to work, the selected area cannot cover the full image, and it is recommended to crop the image to include a 20% larger area than the repeat area.

In the example above, you can see how the selected area for the Tiling Assistant does not cover the full image, but it leaves space around it. However, it will be the space inside the selected area that will be used to define the repeat.

In summary, the Tiling Assistant is a powerful tool that eliminates obvious repetition when repeating scanned maps over larger surfaces. To use it effectively, ensure the map has been cropped and aligned, the gradient has been removed, and the selected area for the Tiling Assistant does not cover the full image. By following these steps, you can achieve the best results.