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Richard Balet
Written by Richard Balet

SEDDI Textura Textile Support

Accurately digitizing textiles is a challenging problem, this article covers SEDDI's recommendations and fabric suitability.

The following is a list of materials that are typically very challenging to digitize properly—whether in SEDDI Textura, or with any other standard digitization techniques:

  • Hairy materials such as corduroy, velvet, velour, or fur
  • Iridescent or reflective materials
  • Fluorescent materials
  • Materials with a larger repeat than what your scanner is capable of scanning
  • Multi-layer materials, like some vinyls and 3D materials

Other materials that may require post-processing with SEDDI Textura material editing tools:

  • Anisotropic materials like charmeuse, crepe, taffeta, satins, and sateens 
  • Materials with metallicity like metallic fabrics and some damasks or brocades
  • Materials with holes such as some meshes, tulles, or embroidery