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Richard Balet
Written by Richard Balet

User Permissions for Enterprise Plans

This article explains the permissions that can be given to users under an Enterprise plan in SEDDI Textura.

SEDDI Textura offers subscription plans that have been designed based on different use cases and needs. See each plan's offering here. All SEDDI Textura subscription plans include the ability to invite other people to join your team. User Permissions allow companies to manage the permissions of each of their team members based on the tasks they need to complete in SEDDI Textura.

This article explains what each User Permission allows when the account is under an Enterprise Plan. The Enterprise Plan allows companies to manage their suppliers and materials with Workflow. User Permissions are specially important for enterprise accounts since they will allow or restrict certain actions to ensure that the process of creating materials is verified and always up to the best quality standards of the organization.

Before you continue reading, here a few things you need to know:

  • By default, the user that creates the account is considered "Company Admin".

  • The Company Admin can assign a role to each user from the Settings page.

  • Every organization has at least one company admin, but there can be as many as needed.

  • Some user permissions are specific to each subscription plan.

  • When a company plan is downgraded, some roles may be automatically downgrade. Company Admins are maintained regardless of the plan.

Manage Permissions

To manage Company Users and their permissions:

  1. Go to the Settings page

  2. Click on Company Users to find the list of users in your organization. Here is where you can invite other people to join your SEDDI Textura account.

  3. Choose the permissions you want to give to each user in your organization. The dropdown will show the permissions available according to the subscription plan or account details.

User Permissions in Enterprise Plans

As mentioned previously, the Enterprise Plan is designed for a more complex use case, where a company can keep track of every material created in their account and ensure the best quality through Workflow.

Company Admin Permissions:

The first user within an organization is by default given the permissions of Company Admin. This role is designed to have complete access to their SEDDI Textura account, managing users, materials, and payments.

Important considerations for the Company Admin role:

  • Each organization has to have at least one Company Admin.

  • There can be as many Company Admins as needed per organization.

  • Company Admins have no feature limitations within their organization's platform.

Company Admins are allowed to:

  • Invite new users into an organization.

  • Assign permissions to any user in their organization.

  • Edit and delete any material in an organization. Company Admins can save changes to the original material regardless of who created the material.

  • Perform payments and manage their subscription plans.

  • Access SEDDI Textura Workflow.

  • Manage, tile and approve quality validation process for any material in the organization.

  • See the status of all the digital textiles within their organization.

User Permissions:

User is the most common permission type for team members in an organization. It gives the user the ability to create and edit materials but restricts their ability to modify materials that have been created by other users.

User permissions allow team members to:

  • Create materials with maps and/or physics and add them to the library.

  • Filter, search, manage, and organize materials in collections.

  • Visualize, copy, and download any material from their organization.

  • Edit or delete materials that they have created.

  • Edit materials created by other saving as new materials in their library.

Important considerations for digital materials created by team members with the User permission level:

  • Materials created by people with User permissions will be automatically marked as "Approved" to avoid being processed through Workflow.

  • These materials will become a part of the organization's library but will not appear on the "Approved Materials" Collection. This collection only contains materials that have been approved by Company Admins or Quality Managers in Workflow.

  • People with access to Workflow can find these materials and the information of the user that created them in the "Approved" tab in Workflow.

Quality Manager Permissions:

Quality Managers are users in charge of overviewing and guaranteeing the quality of all the approved materials within an organization.

Quality Managers are allowed to:

  • Access SEDDI Textura workflow.

  • Have all the permissions of a User

  • All materials created by a Quality Manager will be automatically sent to SEDDI Textura Workflow for validation.

  • All materials approved by Quality Manager will automatically be sent to the "Approved Material" collection for their organization.

  • Manage, tile, and approve quality validation process for any material in the organization.

  • Quality Managers can reject a material that has been tiled or request a resubmission.

Tiler Permissions:

Tilers are team members in charge of tiling scanner images and reviewing the quality of materials through the process of being validated in Workflow.

Tilers are allowed to:

  • Access SEDDI Textura workflow.

  • Use SEDDI Textura like any other "User role".

  • Tile, review, and change status for materials in Workflow.

  • Tilers can request scanner resubmission of materials.

  • Create materials with maps and/or physical properties. Note that materials created by Tilers will always go to the Material Queue in Workflow.