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Sofía Domínguez
Written by Sofía Domínguez

Recolor Your Digital Textile

SEDDI Textura allows you to modify or change any of the colors in your digital fabrics.

Once you create a digital textile, SEDDI Textura's material editor will allow you to create endless variations. You can modify material's properties such as specularity, transparency, scale and others but you can also use the recoloring tools to create colorways. Recoloring allows you to change one or several colors in your digital textile and will only take you minutes to do.

Recolor is a really powerful tool. It opens up the possibility to design new materials without the need for any physical development. You can create as many variations as you want and share with stakeholders to make decisions, everything in one place and in a fraction of the time it takes to do it physically.

Key Reasons to Recolor

  1. Recoloring allows you to compensate for color variations from your scanner.

  2. To create different colorways.

  3. To explore new material possibilities.

  4. To compensate for color variations from other 3D tools.

For all these cases, SEDDI Textura offers a simple but powerful Material Editor and Recoloring Tool.

Before you use this tool, it's important to understand that all color changes are done automatically, and they do not exactly replicate properties of a physical material, as a change of dye can affect other properties such as specularity, roughness, and even transparency. However, it is a valuable approximation.

How To Recolor Your Digital Fabrics

  1. Open the digital textile you want to edit from your material library.

  2. Access the Material Editor from the left side panel

  1. Once inside the Material Editor, you can choose to edit the material properties and/or color.

  1. Go to the "Color" tab to find the recoloring tools.

By default, SEDDI Textura will display one or several colors in your textile that can be edited. The colors suggested can be adjusted using the Less/More color options. The more colors you specify, the more specific the Recoloring Tool will be.

Once the number of colors matches your desired aim, select the color you want to change and use one of the options available to recolor it.

  1. Enter an RGB value

  2. Enter an HEX value

  3. Use the color picker to explore colors

  4. Use the eye dropper to find a specific color anywhere in your screen.

As soon as you select a new color, the changes will be seen in the "Preview" material in real time (right side window in the 3D view).

Once the changes you've made are aligned with your needs, you can proceed to "Save" the changes in the same material or "Save as" to create a new material.

NOTE: The option to "Save" will only be available if you are the owner of the material or a company Admin in your organization. This is a security measure to avoid anyone from doing unwanted changes to original materials.

After saving your changes, the material status will be changed to "Processing". This process is required to generate the maps according to the changes. The process will take some minutes and will automatically change status to "Ready" when completed.