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Sofía Domínguez
Written by Sofía Domínguez

How to quickly search and filter your digital fabric library

As your digital fabric library grows, finding the right material can be challenging. Use SEDDI Textura's filtering to quickly find what you need.

Working and managing multiple files is always a challenge. As your Fabric Library grows, you need to be able to find digital fabrics easily and quickly. Search and filtering functionality in SEDDI Textura will help you to do that. Find the Search and Filters bar in the Fabric Library.

Search and filters help you:

  • Find digital fabrics by name.
  • Filter digital fabrics by any of their properties such as family, composition, etc.

What you need to know

  • The Search bar will filter materials by name only. This means that the name of the digital fabric needs to contain the exact word you are searching for.
  • In order to be filtered by a specific property, the digital fabric has to contain that information. This means that the owner of the textile (or company admin) has to tag or specify the digital textile information. This is done in the Material Viewer.
  • Only the owner of the digital fabric or the company admin can change the metadata.
  • If the fabric is generated with True Physics, then the following fields structure, weight, thickness, and composition are not editable. If any of these values are wrong or need to be edited, the digital fabric has to be created again.
  • Some fields are dependent on one other (eg. Structure of Fabric Type). These drop downs will become enabled once the previous field is specified.

How to search and filter

1. Tag all the details for your digital textile. Aside from fabrics created with physics properties, none of these details are mandatory. You can skip any field but, if the digital textile does not contain information regarding a specific property, then it will not appear when filtering by that criteria.

2. Use filters to find fabrics by their properties. The filters available are the same as the properties detailed in the Material Viewer.

3. Find the fabric(s) you are looking for. If needed, you can create collections based on your search. Remember that filters will apply to your entire organization's library, so searching and filtering can help you find digital textiles even if you are not the owner.

For advanced search, filters can be accumulated and will appear as tags. To eliminate any of them, simply click the X.