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Sofía Domínguez
Written by Sofía Domínguez

Physics Properties Cheat Sheet

This article serves as a cheat sheet for generating materials with physics properties when you don't have access to the necessary data.

In order to generate a material with physics properties, you will need to input the material's structure name, weight, percentage of elastane/spandex and thickness. Thickness is an optional field but if you can, we recommend adding it as well. If the value is not available, Textura can estimate it based on the other inputs and an image analysis of the yarn radius. All of these properties are usually provided by a supplier or can be obtained using equipment such as a digital caliper.

Textura's AI models are trained with thousands of materials that have been digitized in our lab. We analyze, weigh, and run tests for every material in our database. SEDDI scientists have gathered all this data to create a cheat sheet that can help in circumstances when you don't have the necessary data to generate the physics properties of your material.

The chart shows the average, minimum, and maximum values of materials we have digitized by structure name. The following chart is an example, as most materials are unique in their own way.

Physics Parameters Guide