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Sofía Domínguez
Written by Sofía Domínguez

Import a .sbsar file from SEDDI Textura into CLO

Learn how to download a digital textile from SEDDI Textura and import it as a .sbsar file in Clo 3D.

.sbsar is a format designed and developed by Adobe Substance. SEDDI Textura makes it possible to create digital textiles in this format. Once it's ready, you can download the digital fabric as a .sbsar file that can be imported in CLO 3D. This article will explain step-by-step how to do this, along with a few recommendations.

The Need-to-Know Information

  • With SEDDI Textura, you can generate texture maps and/or physical parameters for CLO 3D.
  • Regardless of the format you choose to download a file in, in SEDDI Textura, the final result in CLO 3D should be the same. It is important to consider that each render engine plus the scene details (environment, illumination, etc.) can change the appearance of a digital textile.
  • The .sbsar format supports texture maps and physical properties for digital textiles, which means that if you have generated the fabric with both aspects in SEDDI Textura, the .sbsar will contain all of the information.
  • It is important to make sure that the physics properties are imported correctly. You should validate that the imported values match the values displayed in SEDDI Textura. We have encountered cases where CLO does not import some of the .sbsar physical values correctly, so we always recommend to double check.
  • If any value does not match the information in SEDDI Textura, simply copy/paste the correct value into CLO.

Select the Format You Want to Download

There are two ways you can download a digital material from SEDDI Textura. One is hovering over the material in the library and clicking on the download icon. This will display a series of formats you can choose from to start the download. In this case we would select the .sbsar file.

The other option is to open the material viewer and click "Download". This will also show the available formats to download. You can download as many formats as required.

Import the .sbsar File Into CLO 3D

To import your .sbsar into CLO 3D, simply drag and drop it into the Fabric section in the properties panel. You can also click on the '+Add' button to browse your device and choose the file.

Your digital textile will be added as a new fabric. You can now apply it to any of your pieces.

  • Note: if your material was generated with physical properties in SEDDI Textura, the parameters will be automatically imported with the file. Even so, we always recommend thatyou make sure that the parameters that were imported match those displayed in SEDDI Textura. If one or more does not match, copy and paste the correct parameter from SEDDI Textura to CLO.

Now that you have your fabric correctly imported in CLO, simply drag it into the appropriate pieces of the garment and simulate it. 

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