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Sofía Domínguez
Written by Sofía Domínguez

Create a Digital Fabric From SEDDI Samples

Don't have a scanned image for your textile yet? Don't worry, you can get started with a swatch from SEDDI.

Why Should I Use a Sample Fabric?

It's recommend to start your digital library with a scanned image of your own fabric, as having the physical fabric at hand to compare it to its digital twin will really help you see what SEDDI Textura is capable of.

But, if you haven't had the opportunity to scan a fabric yet, SEDDI has a number of samples for you to choose from.

SEDDI Textura is designed specifically to create tiled textiles and materials—not graphics. Please avoid uploading images like logos, stock images of fabrics, pictures of garments, or even pictures of fabrics captured with a phone camera. Instead, check out all the samples available in the platform, and make use of all the materials the SEDDI team has already scanned.

Most of the samples have also been tiled already, so the process to create them will take you less than a minute. You will also see a selection that are not tiled in Tiling Practice. We recommend selecting these materials when you want to try practice using SEDDI Textura's tiling tools. Find all of our tiling tool tutorial videos to learn more about tiling.

How To Create a Digital Fabric From a Sample

1 . To create a new material you simply have to click on the "+ New Material" button at the top of the library.

2.Click the second option on the dropdown - Create material from sample

3 . Select a sample. Browse through the sample selection. They are organized by industry based on common uses for such fabrics, but you can select any material.