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Kenji Takabayashi
Written by Kenji Takabayashi

How To Correctly Name Your SEDDI Textura Files

This guide will help you to add the right information to your files in SEDDI Textura.

When dealing with a large number of digital fabrics, it is important to make sure that information is properly managed.

By default, SEDDI Textura will read the name of the uploaded file and add it to your digital textile, therefore the first thing to do is to make sure that this is the name you want to continue using. This is the name that you will see across SEDDI Textura, and will always be linked to your digital textile.

As well as the name, SEDDI Textura allows you to introduce additional information that you want to make public about your digital textile in the filed "Textile description". This may be a SKU#, vendor, or supplier reference or internal textile number to better define your growing SEDDI Textura library.

Remember that if you are using SEDDI Textura as a brand with different users, you are not the only one with access to the digital fabric that you are creating. This will also happen if you are using SEDDI Textura as a supplier for a client to whom you are digitizing textiles.

The description you add in this field will also be seen from your Material Library and will be used in the search tools. Feel free to mention any collection, family group description, company department, designer, mill, experimental use, or the origin of this fabric for easy organization and search functionality.