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Sam Jenkins
Written by Sam Jenkins

How to use tiling tools

How the tool sets work in Textura for tiling & repeats

Textura tiling tools consist of the following:

Crop tool & submenu

The Crop tool is the primary tool for selecting a repeatable area within a fabric in Textura. Combined within the Crop tool are a subset (see below) of tools that allow you to further enhance cropping and repeat functions: (See the green circled i)

The submenu consists of:

  • Drag (Left, right mouse on vertical crop box)
  • Skew (Control button on keyboard, mouse drag boundary box vertical or horizontal)
  • Pan (Left, right mouse on horizontal crop box)
  • Zoom (Middle Mouse scroll - forward, IN - backward, OUT )
  • Undo (Control Z )
  • Redo (Control, Shift, Z)


Below is the crop menu active and the user has selected the repeatable area of the textile by using the pan tools (visualized by the light blue outline on the fabric)