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Richard Balet
Written by Richard Balet

How to create collections in Textura

Group materials in your library and create different collections to meet all your needs.

Managing a large 3D asset library is a complex thing to do. Many times you will need to create collections and group fabrics for different purposes.

Creating collections is a great feature for:

  • Grouping and creating collections for specific uses.
  • Finding materials with specific properties.
  • Creating mood boards.
  • Sharing a limited number of materials with colleagues for decision making.
  • Sharing materials with clients and suppliers.
  • Creating online catalogues of materials.

Things you need to know before creating collections:

Anyone can create a collection, even if you do not own the materials in it.

Collections are single user based, so only the creator can see them by default.

Collections can only be seen and edited by the creator and the company admin.

Edits to a material will affect those collections containing the material.

Deleting a material will make it disappear from all collections.

Collections can be shared using sample rooms.

How to create a collection.

Anyone can create a collection. For it you only need to go to your material library by clicking on the "Textura Library icon" .

Once you are in the library, click on the drop down arrow next to the . When you click on it, Textura will display the list of all your created collections plus an option to create a new collection. If you want to visualize a collection you just need to click on it. When hovering over a collection name, you will also get the options to edit, remove, duplicate or share it.

Edit mode

To create a new collection click on the "Create collection" button in the drop down. When creating a new collection or editing an existing collection you will enter the "collection edit mode"

This area of Textura is designed to add or remove materials from a collection. You can use the filters in the top row to find and select desired collections, and then drag it to the left side of the screen to add it to a collection.

Once the collection is finalized you can also use the sharing icon to create a sample room and share the collection.