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Kenji Takabayashi
Written by Kenji Takabayashi

Half Drop Repeat Tool

The Half Drop Repeat is another tiling tool that makes the tiling process easier. Here's a guide to why and when to use it.

When To Use Half Drop Repeat

It is crucial to determine the minimum repeat (MR) in a fabric to ensure the creation of accurate tiling in your fabric's digital twin. However, once you have determined the MR, the way you implement the repeat can lead to varied results, like a tile that doesn't meet your visual requirements. To better control the outcome, use the Half Drop Repeat Tool.

Use the Half Drop Repeat Tool to:

  • Select a smaller minimum repeat area, which can reduce the size of maps in some prints.

  • Tile using smaller edges in the repeat, simplifying the tiling process in some cases.

  • Make the fabric look more real and natural. This is done by repeating the map in different ways.

  • Create different variations in fabric design.

  • Expand the amount of material you have—especially if you have a small swatch to scan.

Recommendations and Limitations

The Half Drop Repeat Tool modifies the size and shape of the map, so there are some things to be aware of before implementing it.

  • The Half Drop Repeat Tool can be applied once the minimum repeat has been cropped, aligned, and seamless edges have been achieved.

  • The tool increases the size of your map, and there is a limit to how many times it can be applied. If the edited image exceeds the 10K size limitation in SEDDI Textura, you will be prompted to crop the image before applying any further changes.

  • Implementing the Half Drop Repeat Tool generates new inner edges, which could lead to noticeable transitions. These transitions need to be corrected with the Clone Tool.

How To Use the Half Drop Repeat Tool

The half drop affects the entire image that you are working on.

Go to the icon with a "R" (Repeat) in the Tiling Tools. As you select the tool, you will see options:

Each one of these options will turn your selected image into a different repeat pattern, and the preview will show you what the end result will look like. Once you are happy with the result, click on Implement Changes.

Types of Half Drops

Now that you know what the Half Drop Repeat tiling tool is for, let's take a look at how to use it.

It is typically used for preparing digital fabrics in solid colors or with a print, but can also be used for some meshes, and other use cases.

For example, consider this fabric:

From this image, there are multiple ways to create the MR.

One option would be a selection such as:

Using a regular pattern, which means it is repeated regularly across the horizontal and vertical axis.

Another option is to select an even smaller Minimum Repeat (MR) such as:

Or to select an even smaller Minimum Repeat (MR), like:

To see the difference, take our last MR, and repeat it in a regular pattern as well as with a vertical Half Drop. This is what will result:

As you can see, the results are slightly different, but both results are based on the same MR, repeated in different ways.

See the types of Half Drops that SEDDI Textura can do:

Perfect It with Seamless Edges Using the Clone Tool

When creating a half drop repeat, the image will be cut, repeated, and pasted next to your original Minimum Repeat. This process will result in some of the edges of the image selection being placed back in the center of the image, creating new seams. To make these seams invisible, consider the following recommendations:

  • Implement the Tiling Assistant before creating a half drop to improve the overall tiling.

  • Use a combination of the Half Drop, Offset, and Clone tools to remove the new edges and produce seamless transitions.