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Sofía Domínguez
Written by Sofía Domínguez

Guide To Fabric Structures

Download our e-book on fabric structures to gain all of the knowledge you need about the basic construction of fabrics and how they are classified.

Plant, animal, regenerated, synthetic, knit, woven, non-woven—many basic aspects of a fabric must be clear when you want to digitize it. It’s important to understand and select the correct fabric structure in order to properly calculate the physics of a fabric, as well as to improve communications among stakeholders.

For this reason, SEDDI has created an series e-books with all the basic information that you need to know regarding fabric structures and compositions. These e-books will not focus on family types or finishings.

Download Your E-book here

SEDDI's e-book on fabric structures will also give you great insight into how materials are created with different types of yarns, structures, and other notable details about fabrics.

In the guide, you will also find information about fabric construction, with dozens of examples of each structure name, to easily learn how to recognize them.

Get our free e-books here