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Sofía Domínguez
Written by Sofía Domínguez

Download digital materials in the ZIP format

Download your digital material in a ZIP format from SEDDI Textura to get all of the necessary texture maps to render it in other platforms.

SEDDI Textura allows you to download and export your digital textiles in different formats. The format you select is defined by the software you will import it into.

SEDDI Textura generates all of the texture maps and information so that you can download and use your digital textiles in other 3D software. Choosing the ZIP file format will download a folder that contains:

  • albedo.png

  • alpha.png

  • displacement.png

  • normal.png

  • roughness.png

  • specular.png

The folder will also contain a .txt file with information like: texture size, material properties, and mechanical properties for CLO and Browzwear. The material must have been generated with physics in able to have the mechanical properties in the file. This file only contains information that is in SEDDI Textura, so if you need to export all the material properties, be sure to add them in SEDDI Textura.

What you need to know

  • Once you download the ZIP file, you need to extract all the files to be able to import them in another software

  • You can use these texture maps in any 3D software that supports PBR materials

  • The .txt file contains all the information that you input in SEDDI Textura (material properties, mechanical properties, etc.)

  • The .txt file will only contain mechanical properties if the material was created with physics in SEDDI Textura.

  • If you are importing your digital material to a software that allows physics properties, you can copy/paste the values directly from SEDDI Textura's interface using the "Copy" icon on the panel.

  • Here is how to import a .zip file into Clo 3D.

How to download a ZIP file

  1. Hover over your digital fabric in the library and click on the download icon.

  2. Select the .zip file option.


  1. Select your digital fabric from the library and open the Material Viewer.

  2. Click the "Download" button and select the .zip file.