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Richard Balet
Written by Richard Balet

Create a sample room to share materials with anyone.

With Textura, share materials universally, enabling others to view and download them.

You can create and share materials globally with Textura. All a user needs is an internet connection and a web browser.

Textura provides the capability to set up virtual sample rooms, which anyone can access and explore your materials.

With Textura's sharing features, you can:

  • Set up virtual sample rooms accessible to all.
  • Share materials and collections directly with clients or suppliers.
  • Establish and distribute an online material catalogs.
  • Share your material collections and ideas online.
  • Grant temporary access to your materials for other users.

There are numerous advantages to sharing materials. Before diving into the details, please note the following:

  • Materials are, by default, shared among users from the same organization.
  • Materials produced by an authorized mill are automatically shared with the owning brand.
  • Ownership of shared materials remains unchanged.
  • Only the original owner can modify or delete a shared material.
  • Changes to a shared material will reflect everywhere it's been shared.
  • A specific material can be distributed across multiple sample rooms to different users.

How to share a material using "Sample Rooms":

With Textura, you can share any material by setting up a "Sample Room." A sample room is a virtual space housing one or more materials, accessible through a link. To set one up, navigate to your library and choose the material you'd like to share. The "Share" icon appears in the top right corner when you open a material.

How to share a collection using "Sample Rooms":

There are 2 ways to share a collection.

  • One is by clicking on the "Share" in the collection drop down menu

  • The other one is from the collection "Editing mode"

Once you enter the "Edit mode" of a collection or when you are creating it, you can click on the "Share button" next to the name of the collection,

Sharing options

Click on the "Share" icon to begin creating a sample room for that specific material. After clicking, a menu will pop up with an option to establish a sample room. To share multiple materials, refer to the guide on sharing a collection.

Create a new sample room and fill in your criteria:


Provide a unique, descriptive name for the sample room, which will be publicly visible and used for listings.


  • Protected: Secures the sample room. Users must enter an access code or password to view its contents. Changing the code post-sharing will update it for all visitors.
  • Public: Grants open access. Anyone with the room link can view its materials.

Temporary sharing:

  • Choose "Expiration date" to specify when the sample room will no longer be accessible via its link.
  • Select "No expiration" to keep the sample room available indefinitely.
IMPORTANT: Once set, a sample room's expiration date cannot be modified. However, the entire room can still be deleted manually.


Select this option if you want any visitor in the Sample room to be able to download materials.

  • This setting applies to all materials in the sample room.
  • This setting can be updated once the sample room has been created.