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Kenji Takabayashi
Written by Kenji Takabayashi

About SEDDI Textura True Drape | How To Create a True Drape File

We now support True Drape directly in SEDDI Textura. See below for a full explanation and step-by-step guide on how to achieve True Drape.

What is True Drape?

  • True Drape is how a digital fabric would appear with a textile's physical information and real world physics, rendered instantly with various 3D models within SEDDI Textura.

  • Users can select the construction of a fabric and input the textiles meta data to initiate True Drape. 

What is True Drape Compatible With?

  • SEDDI Textura’s True Drape files can be exported directly to SEDDI Author's format. It also supports Browzwear file export via a E3DM format, or to .ZIP for CLO3D, as well as other 3D modeling and rendering software. 

How Do I Achieve True Drape?

Follow these steps in SEDDI Textura:

1. Select the Physics button.

2. Select the Structure Name in the drop down menu.

3. In the drop down menu, select from the Material Construction Library.

4. Input the fabric weight. We utilize the industry standard of Grams per Square Meter. 

Below is a handy key for various fabrics, but SEDDI recommends you ask your textile supplier, or research your own fabrics for the best results.

5. Input the Elasticity/Spandex content of the fabric.

6. Input the Thickness of the fabric (this is optional but is suggested for more accurate True Drape results).

6. Select Create Material button. Wait 3-5 minutes (or more for resolutions of more than 600DPI) and you will receive an email communicating that your digital textile, complete with True Drape information, is on the way.

  • The 3D image will contain this box on the top left corner. True Drape should display as in the image below. If the True Physics has a red X, this means physics are not present within the digital textile draped on the model.